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The story of the Gimm branch in Australia starts with Nikolaus Peter Gimm, a young guy from Germany . Nikolaus was born January 26th, 1867 in Suederbrarup, a small town in Schleswig Holstein. He was the eldest son of Peter Conrad Gimm and his wife Christine Hedwig Kaysen. Nikolaus had three more siblings: brother Christian Wilhelm (born 1869) was married and lived in Suederbrarup until his dead in 1904, brother Peter Heinrich (born 1872) left his hometown and settled over to Wandsbek, a district of Hamburg and finally sister Margaretha Maria (born 1877) who died young in the age of 5 years in Suederbrarup.

Nikolaus served at the military as an hussar (light cavalry).

We don't know why, but at April 22nd, 1893 Nikolaus Peter Gimm left his homeland on board of the steamboat “Strassfurt” from the harbour of Hamburg. Regarding the passenger list his destination was Melbourne in Australia.

During the first years in Australia he met Pauline Christiane Benz, a young girl who was native von Kirckheim, Wuerttemberg in Germany. Five years later they married in Perth.

Nikolaus and Pauline had 4 children: Edgar Nicholas Barry, Alfred William, Maxwell Peter and Rigo Fritz. The first three sons were born in Western Australia, only son Rigo Fritz was born in 1912 in Wandsbek/Hamburg during a family visit in Germany.

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