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The surname GIMM is an old family name from the area of Schleswig Holstein in Germany.
Around the year 1670 the first GIMM was mentioned there. The Gimm family grew and the descendents settled all over Schleswig Holstein and the rest of Germany.

Some guys from the great Gimm clan tried to find their luck in other foreign countries, like Denmark, the United Staates and Australia.

Because not everyboby in this three countries is perfect in German language, we decided us to create an "English section" at our website for all the people there, who are interested in learning more about their "Gimm roots".

So be welcome to find out more about your great family and we hope we can help each other to fill some blanks with sharing information.

We hope to get a lot of feedback from Gimm's all over the world, with this website.
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Have fun with our "pigeon english" ;-)

Peter Gimm and Juergen Pokolm

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