The first Gimm in Schleswig Holstein ...

The Gimm surname was mentioned in church records and historical documents since about 1672 in the area of Schleswig Holstein.
Schleswig Holstein ist the northern state of Germany, with the border to Denmark.
Last known persons are Claus Giem from the village Holzdorf (1672) and Hans Gimm from Bohnert (1689).
But it is not clear who of this two guys is the forefather of all Gimm lines worldwide. To many holes and blanks at the church records to fix it.
Maybe, we will never find it out ...

Frenz Gimm, born 1728 in the small village Norby, is the last confirmed ancestor of the German Gimm line from the area of Schleswig Holstein.
And of course he is also the last known ancestor of the Gimm branches in Denmark, Australia and the USA. So the history of our Gimm family starts with him.

The Gimms at the region were daylaborer, craftpersons, worker, farmer or fisherman ... only poor men, at a bad time with no good future.
Thats the reason why some men or whole families went away from their homes to a foreign country, to have a better life with own land and more life-quality.

Gimm family lines all over the world ...

You can find a lot of traces from Gimm emigrants, who left their villages in Germany to find a new and better home in Denmark, Australia and the United Staates.
Here are the storys of some Gimm branches and their descendents.

Simple overview of the Gimm lines
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Gimm family line - Perth, Western Australia
Gimm family line - Denmark
Gimm(ini) family line - Queensland, Australia
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