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Hints for all interested Gimm(ini) Queensland researcher ...

After I found pieces out of my Gimm-Gimmini reports from our website at a familytree from a Queensland (Thompson and Mollis) researcher at www.ancestry.com with a lot of wrong datas, I decided to share my knowledge about the Gimm(ini) family with others.

Hey, by the way, why did you simply take the pictures from my website, without asking me if I have maybe more helpfull information?
I won't bite you ... ;-)

Hint 1) Look at the surname "GIMMINI" …
Forget all you know about the familyname "GIMM" because the right surname of your ancestors is "GIMMINI" !
In 1866, as your ancestor John Henry GIMM arrived in Australia, a mistake happened at the registration and the origin surname GIMMINI was chanced to GIMM. So all Gimms from the Queensland branch got the wrong surname since then and it was never corrected until today.

Hint 2) "Share information with others" is the magic word …
During my research I had a lot of contacts to members of the Queensland branch. Every one of them knews some data and pieces of the family story, but nobody of them really knews all details of the family line. So you will only be successful if you publish your family information and share it with other interested researcher. You can’t start genealogy research as a “one-man-action” and think that you will cover up all family secrets alone at this way.

Hint 3) Collect from Databases ...
Visit the website of the Mormons at www.familysearch.org and search for GIMMINI.
There are a lot of found pieces at the database, where you have only to play detective and connect the single persons to a familytree.

Hint 4)
Read Church records ...
Look at the church record from Marne filmed by the Mormons.
At the following films I have found my informations about John Henry and his family:

Marne Baptism - Film Nr. 1198820
Marne Baptism - Film Nr. 1198819
Marne 1845 - Film Nr.: 0039292

The Mormons have many more films about Marne and you have a good chance to find out more about the ancestors of John Henry.
You only have to make a step forward and do it ...

Hint 5) I share my knowledge ...
My collected information about the family of John Hennry Gimm(ini) and his descendants:

First Generation

1. Hinrich Gimmini was born about 1796 in Marne, Dithmarschen, Germany. (No information about his parents at this time)
He was "Kathenbesitzer" (owner of a very small house) and shoemaker. He lived in 1845 in Darenwurth.

Hinrich married Dorothea Boehl. Dorothea was born about 1797 in Barlt, Dithmarschen, Germany.
They had the following children:

+ 2 M i. Hinrich Johann Gimmini was born between 1823 and 1828.

3 M ii. Peter Gimmini was born about 1830 in Marne, Dithmarschen, Germany.

4 F iii. Telsche Gimmini was born about 1833 in Marne, Dithmarschen, Germany.

5 F iv. Wiebke Gimmini was born on 2 Aug 1837 in Darenwurth, Dithmarschen, Germany.

6 M v. Johann Christian Gimmini was born on 4 May 1840 in Darenwurth, Dithmarschen, Germany.


Second Generation

2. Hinrich Johann Gimmini was born betw. 1823 and 1828 in Marne, Dithmarschen, Germany.

Hinrich married Antje Margaretha Friedrich. Antje was born about 1818 in St. Michaelisdonn, Dithmarschen, Germany.
They had the following children:

+ 7 M i. Hinrich Johann (Henry John) Gimmini was born on 14 Apr 1845 and died on 28 Jun 1925.

8 F ii. Margaretha Catharina Gimmini was born on 12 Apr 1847 in Darenwurth, Dithmarschen, Germany.

9 M iii. Johann Gimmini was born on 9 Nov 1849 in Darenwurth, Dithmarschen , Germany.

10 F iv. Magdalena Gimmini was born on 15 Jan 1852 in Darenwurth, Dithmarschen , Germany.


Third Generation

7. Hinrich Johann (Henry John) Gimmini was born on 14 Apr 1845 in Darenwurth, Dithmarschen, Germany. He died on 28 Jun 1925.

He emigrated on January 15th, 1865 from the harbour of Hamburg with the ship "Cesar Godeffroy".
Arrival at Brisbane, Australia on February 14th, 1866. Occupation: worker
Naturalized in Australia on August 8th, 1876. Occupation mine worker Stanthorpe Qld.

Original surname GIMMINI was change at the arrival in GIMM. Don't know why, because a mistake at the registration.
This mistake was never corrected, so all descendants of John Henry carry this wrong surname untill today.

John Henry Gimminis Baptism entry at the Marne church record:

Born April 14th, 1845 in Darenwurth, Baptism May 4th, 1845 in Marne
Son of the service farmhand Hinrich Johann GIMMINI and Antje Margaretha (maidenname FRIEDRICH) in Darrenwurth.

Godfathers: Johann Friedrich from St. Michaelisdonn, Hinrich Gimmini in Darrenwurth, Johann Kregal in Helsa

Hinrich Johann (John Henry) married Augusta Christine Albertine Wilhelmina Ellevsen, daughter of Eduard Christian August Ellevsen and Caecilie Caroline Wilhelmina Schneider, on 10 Feb 1885 in Broadwater, Stanthorpe , Queensland , Australia . Augusta was born on 11 May 1869 in Murphys Creek, Toowoomba, Queensland , Australia. She died on 4 Nov 1946.
They had the following children:

+ 11 F i. Caroline Gimm was born on 11 Jul 1887 and died on 18 Jan 1911.
+ 12 F ii. Matilda Gimm was born on 28 May 1888 and died on 14 Jan 1954.
13 F iii. Lena Gimm was born on 25 Aug 1889.
+ 14 M iv. Henry Edward ( Edmond ) Gimm was born on 4 Jul 1891 and died on 17 Oct 1956.
+ 15 M v. John Henry Gimm was born on 7 Apr 1893 and died on 19 Jul 1976.
16 M vi. Frederick William Gimm was born in 1895 in Stanthorpe , Queensland , Australia . He died on 13 Sep 1926.
Frederick married Nina Butler.
+ 17 M vii. George Ernest Gimm was born on 31 Aug 1898 and died on 3 Feb 1977.
+ 18 M viii. Albert Donald Gimm was born on 11 Feb 1899 and died on 1 May 1972.
+ 19 F ix. Gertrude Catherine Minnie Gimm was born on 14 Mar 1901.
+ 20 F x. Rosie May Gimm was born on 7 Dec 1902.
+ 21 M xi. Stanley Victor Arthur Gimm was born on 11 Sep 1906 and died on 23 Sep 1962.
+ 22 F xii. Ivy Olive Isabele Gimm was born on 30 Sep 1912 and died on 18 Aug 1990.
+ 23 F xiii. Lillian Gimm was born on 27 Jul 1918 and died on 11 Nov 1999.

At this point I will stop now this list of descendants to protect the privacy of the living persons at the following generations.
I own names and information about five further generations of Gimm(ini)s from the Queensland branch.

So if you need more information, please sent me an email!

Bye and good luck for your further researches
Juergen Pokolm

:: A report from Juergen Pokolm - November 2009

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