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The GIMM - GIMMINI salad ...

I am a genealogy junkie ... collecting GIMM datas where ever I can.
Need I help from a doctor ?  ;-)

During my research I found out that there are two Gimm family branches down under in Australia.

The first branch has his home in the area of Queensland around Stanthorpe and the other Gimm branch lives in Western Australia around the city of Perth .

The Gimms from Western Australia have there roots in Schleswig Holstein / Germany and belong to our great Gimm clan. That is confirmed.

The other Gimm line at the Queensland area are native from the small village Marne in Dithmarschen / Germany .
Everybody of this Queensland  guys I asked, told me : " Hey, our ancestor is John Henry Gimm from Marne ".

Okay, I thought ... Marne is not fare away from Missunde ... why not, lets research the Gimms from Marne, we need more people in our familytree.

Therefore I had a look at the Marne church record filmed by the Mormons.

After a while a found the mentioned ancestor John Henry, but that what I read there at the church record chanced the whole image of the Queensland Gimm family.

The original family name of John Henry was not GIMM ... his surname was GIMMINI !

His original name Johann Heinrich Gimmini was chanced in John Henry Gimm after he arrived in Australia in the year 1866.
Maybe a misspelling at the registration office ... nobody knows.

And this mistake was never corrected until today, so all descendants of him became the wrong surname GIMM.

So the Queensland line has, unfortunately nothing to do with the Gimms from Schleswig Holstein.
Now we have a few people less in our Gimm database, but the Gimms in Queensland have for it a new family history.

Think it was a good deal ...

Hints and information about the family of John Henry Gimm(ini) for all Gimm Queensland researcher ...

:: A report from Juergen Pokolm - November 2009

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